Unlike other cat cover, Fresh News Small Pet Litter is certainly dust totally free and safe for a lot of small house animals. It also provides a biodegradable you could look here texture. It can be made from 100 percent recycled newspapers and baking soda. This litter box also offers good absorption and odor control. The Fresh Reports Original Feel is 3x more absorbent than clay litter and retains their shape when wet. It might be non-allergenic.

Its unique recycling course, PaperGator, pays non-profit organizations to gather recycled paper. The corporation then recycles the old fashioned paper into pellets which are then diverted right from landfills. The pellets are used in New News litter box and are also composted using pet waste composting services. The Fresh News bedding also consists of natural co2 from reused paper and Ammonia Locker Technology to fight scents. This means that New News minimizes the amount of landfill space, helps you to save trees and fights odours.

Fresh Reports Litter is usually super light weight and non-allergenic. Therefore it is a great alternative to popular leading brands and provides exceptional odor control. It can also be applied as a ground amendment and mulch. It is made from post-consumer paper and does not include any potential allergens. Also, it is 99% airborne debris free. You can choose from the original or perhaps multi-cat smoothness. It comes in a 10, 000 cu CM tote. This is a reasonable, healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to popular the leading brands.


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